Micutul David are mainile si picioarele paralizate

My story

My story

Hi! I`m David and this is my story………

For many years, mum no longer hoped that she will have ever children…. but I thought to make her a surprise. I am 10 weeks and she still doesn’t know. I’m looking forward to know her!

I’m in her tummy for 28 weeks now, I feel well and protected but I `m puzzled when something hard tears me from there and I’m not ready yet. I want to scream but I cannot breathe until a lady doctor helps me out and I manage to squeeze a sound but still I can not breathe. They give me a mark: 6; it’s not a good mark but I’m big now, I have 1300 gr. Mum is very happy but I don’t know if I’ll survive this first night. My lungs are not developed enough even to receive oxygen through this large tube into my little mouth.

It`s morning! I make it but my whole little body is punctured, the tube disturbs me and Mum is not beside me. There is not just like I imagined to be … when I met Mum, she was crying but not for joy. Shortly, my parents baptized me and since then, my name is David Gabriel.

Days passing… lots of perfusions, transfusions until a brain bleed makes Mummy cry again…but I’ll keep on fighting. After two weeks, my mummy gives me a finger and I catch it in my little hand and I don’t want let go anymore. Next week, my heart begins to give in, I`m in cardio respiratory arrests but doctors are beside me and my mummy prays for me at the church from the Maternity yard. Doctors said that they did everything they could and only God could help me. HE helped me this time, too and my condition stabilized. My heart never stopped beating.

A month and a half passed…it`s a big day, I will not be intubated any more and my tube will be replaced by a mask. It’s lot better this way! Couple days later, my mummy takes me in her hands for the first time. I`m so happy! I stay still and I don’t want to go away from her chest. It seems that everything will come back for normal, and more than that, I meet my father, too. I hear his voice, I try to open my eyes and I look to him. Dad sees for the first time my big black eyes.   He`s overwhelmed! Soon, the eye doctor checks my eyes and gives us bad news. I did a retinopathy and I started loosing my eyesight rapidly. An urgent surgery was needed, but the pulmonary bronhodysplasia that I left with after the long oxygenation makes the surgery more difficult. When doctor said mummy that there was the risk to loose me, she would prefer to see me blind, but my father insisted, I was operated and everything succeeded. 

After three months my parents went home with me, where I finally knew my brother, I `m spoiled and coddled although pain is high because of the inguinal hernia. I thought only two surgeries will come and nothing bad could happen, that I`ll be happy with my family but only after four months I came back at the hospital with a pneumonia.

Grimly days but more grimly were the crises I used to do and doctors discovered that I suffer of a relentlessly disease: HYPOXIC ISCHEMIC ENCEPHALOPATHY, brain paralysis (spastic tetra paresis). Then, I understood why I can`t use my hands and feet like a normal baby, why I can’t hold a toy in my hands, why I can’t do anything that I should do on my age. Although I have 9 months, I have been evaluated less than 3 months.

Finally, tired after long traveling, after 2 months of hospitalization and four hospitals, with no money for kinetic therapy sessions, with only one train ticket back, we return home. Mummy, downhearted and with watery eyes, holds me in her arms but cannot watch me. I try to find her look and she smiles me not to worry me but I know that she’s crying. What can we do now?

The only hope oasis is a recovery treatment at a clinic from Ukraine,that has to start soon, at an early age. But the costs are much more than my parents` financial possibilities. At first, time was passing in my behalf and raised my surviving chances but now, each day that passes run out my chances to walk again.

So, I thought to write my story hoping that people with good heart will give me a chance to ask me no more why am I so different from other children, why can`t I play, why can`t I hug?

Thank you very much for reading my story, thank you very much for your support!

With love,

David- Gabriel

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4 responses

  1. Teodora

    Buna ziua! Va rog sa puneti pe site toate informatiile legate de modalitatea de a face transfer din strainatate: Numele si adresa bancii/sucursalei, contul in Euro, SWIFT banca, nume titular cont + adresa titular. Aceastea sunt informatiile necesare pentru a putea face transfer din alte tari UE. Aveti un baietel tare dragalas, ma rog la Dumnezeu sa se faca bine si sa va bucurati de el!!!! Doamne ajuta!

    noiembrie 13, 2011 la 12:19 pm

  2. Teodora

    Acum am vazut ca sunt toate informatiile despre banca la sfarsit.

    noiembrie 13, 2011 la 12:28 pm

    • ok…chiar acum va raspundeam la mesaj:) Multumim frumos! sanatate!

      noiembrie 13, 2011 la 12:35 pm

  3. Lenuta Rusaniuc

    Ma doare sufletul pentru micutul David si eu am un baietel pe care il cheama david are un an si 8 luni, ma rog lui Dumnezeu pt voi si pt David ca fara credinta nu putem reusi nimic in lumea asta e foarte dur ce i se intampla dar acest lucru se dovedeste inca o data ca Dumnezeu va iubeste si vrea sa va mantuiasca sufletele prin micutul David.Domnul sa va ajute.

    noiembrie 18, 2011 la 8:14 am

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